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Consumer privacy friendly digital marketing

India, Karnataka
Market: Information and media, Artificial Intelligence
Stage of the project: Operating business

Date of last change: 20.08.2019
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$  100.000
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• Insights on consumer behavior modelling real-world data to derive purchase intent and buying propensity.
• Map customer journeys in the physical world, optimize digital campaign performance with contextual targeting and offline attribution.
• Visualize consumer online to offline experiences without infringing on consumer privacy.

Current Status

Market Traction:
• Early revenues with a pipeline ARR of 400K USD.
• Adopted by the largest mobile video content aggregators in India with 100M MAU.
• A news content aggregator app with about 30M MAU leverages the platform for data.
• Integrated with leading global DMP and data partners with >1M user base for monetisation of their data.
• Working with a consortium of Airline, Airport and Aircraft OEM for enhancing passenger experience.
• Adopted by a leading e-commerce platform for monetisation of app data.


Market Opportunity

• Mobile digital ad spends is growing at 23% globally and 32% in India.
• Mobile shopping as a % of total is slated to reach 85% of overall online shopping by 2021.
• 57% marketers and digital advertisers are indicating ability to map offline consumer journeys as top priority in 2019.
• India alone has about 500 million+ smartphones and growing at 35% CAGR.
• The digital marketing spends in India was about 2B $ in 2019 and growing 32% YoY.
• The global market of Location Intelligence is estimated to be worth nearly US$24 billion in 2019 a CAGR of around 26% and likely to reach US$39 billion by 2022.
• The TAM in India is estimated to be 1.5B$. The global TAM is estimated to be 16B$.

Problem or Opportunity

Problem Statement: Brands and Digital marketers today have no accurate means to map consumer journeys in the offline world and unable to provide seamless experience from online to offline.

The Problem for Brands and Digital marketers:

• Have no accurate means to map consumer journeys in the offline world and unable to provide seamless experience from online to offline.
• There is a >30% spillage in digital advertising costs due to non-contextual targeting and <5% corporates are even able to map consumer journeys in the offline world.
• More than 93% of consumers are worried about their data privacy while looking for personalized experiences and contextual engagement.
• Retail brands have little or no awareness of consumers’ shopping interests, preferences or buying propensity in the offline world unlike online retailers.
• Consumers are wary of annoying and generic mobile sms/email ads and instead expect personalized and context relevant offers.
• Brand marketers are at a loss in trying to create a seamless shopping experience from online to offline without information on right time, right place or right channel.
• Marketers are not able to attribute campaign performance owing to a missing link between online and offline consumer intent.

Solution (product or service)

Trapyz is an AI-driven consumer intent to insights SaaS platform with a privacy-first focus to map real-world consumer journeys for brands.

The Value

• AI driven offline consumer insights to brands and digital marketers.
• Map real-world journeys by enabling intent-based segmentation for marketing.
• Proven 19% increase in offline sales and 3X increase in click-thru rates.
• Being aware of the shopper’s context and real-world journey can help retailers create micro-moments along the shopper’s path-to-purchase thus enhancing experience.
• Retailers can target and incentivize shoppers with the highest intent/propensity scores optimizing marketing dollars.
• Automating the process of identifying and target-intent ready consumers reduces wasteful marketing expenditure and enhances loyalty.



Lookalike competitors - Placed, Factual and PlaceIQ
Platform competitors – Marketing clouds and Customer Data Platforms(CDP)s
Data companies – Data Management Platforms( DMP)s.

Advantages or differentiators


• The core value is the ability to map consumer journeys across offline and online worlds by ingesting multiple sources of signal data.
• Improved locational accuracy by leveraging 52-bit geo-encoded hash maps for better modelling of geo-locational data.
• Better intent accuracy by leveraging ML driven intent engine designed with probabilistic algorithm models that derive purchase intent and buying propensity.
• Contextual intelligence on consumer behaviour without infringing on privacy or collecting any Personally Identifiable Information(PII).


Revenue model

• ‘Data-as-a-Service” subscription fee to brands & consumer insights as API service.
• Slab-wise pricing for curated intent-validated segments and enriched data sets.

Business model

Business Model:

• Provide Brands and Digital marketers with consumer analytics console on a cloud-hosted SaaS model.
• Source real-world location and lifestyle data sets from multiple partners like app publishers, DMPs, Wifi Access Points and IoT sensors across multiple locations.
• Monetise consumer data sets with brands and digital marketers for curated segments

Money will be spent on

• Achieve a MAU of 50 Million on the platform in India in the next 6 months.
• Scale to 10 international cities to achieve a base of 100 Million MAU in 6-12 months.
• Build a core product engineering platform and operations team for delivery.
• Build and leverage sales partner network in key global markets for expanding reach.
30% for Hiring talent and resources for building product to scale. 40% for business development and marketing activities for global expansion and 30% for data acquisition from partners.

Offer for investor

Lets discuss face to face

Team or Management


Key Challenges and Risks:

• Ability to attract and retain talent in order to build the product for scale and resilience.
• Find product market fit quickly and establish competitive differentiation in the market.
• Onboard early customers and create a frictionless adoption plan for business value.

Incubation/Acceleration programs accomplishment

• Selected to Airbus BIZLAB program 2019
• Graduated from the Cisco Launchpad Program 2018
• Graduated from to the Pitney Bowes Accelerator Program 2017
• Recognised by Govt of India Startup India DIPP
• Recognised by Karnataka Govt KBITS

Won the competition and other awards

• Represented Startup India delegation at Slush 2018 Helsinki, Finland.
• Finalist at GITEX Future Stars 2018 Dubai
• Inducted into the Tissot Signature Innovation Club
• Won the Startup Award at RAI's Retech 2017


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