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Апарт-отель и кафе в Гоа
Семейное кафе, апарт-отель, кинотеатр
$ 40.000
Get a Loan for development
We are looking for loan for asset Purchase and working capital . We have 2...
$ 250.000
Manipal Grocer
Online Groceries, Fruits & Vegetables , Pet Supplies, Sweets, Breakfast, Small...
$ 10.000
The whole concept about the startup is to provide newly designed cover every...
$ 1.000
Tool design and manufacturer
Design and manufacturing die casting die , plastic mould , rubber moul
$ 5.000
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Everyone knows, that first stages of a business are the most risky staged in the process of business development. It means, if you buy an operating business or a share in it, you can avoid a lot of difficulties. Actually, even by doing that you can face problems. A person, who is willing to buy an operating business in the USA, should be guided not  only by its general characteristics, but also by his vision of the prospects of profitability and the development of a possible acquisition.

If You intend to buy a business in America our resource will allow You to do it not only fast, but also profitable. The database of the investment platform Startup.Network contains information of the most promising operating businesses in the States, which are profitable to purchase. This allows investors, that want to buy a company's stock or whole enterprise, to save time and carefully consider all possible options and choose the most suitable option. Here You can find a small business working in different areas: catering, online stores, manufacturing organizations, and many others.

Before you get in Startup.Network database, all the operating business in America is being carefully analyzed by our professionals. The economic potential, prospects and relevance are checked, in order for the deal to be mutually beneficial for all parties to the purchase/sale of a business .  

Leave an application for an operating business purchase in the USA,  formulate the wishes and requirements, and our employees will select by the set criteria the variant that is most suitable for you.

The acquisition of the operating enterprise allows you to:

- save on start-up costs;

- gain market share;

- receive the operating mechanism for profit.

With help of Startup.Network platform it’s easier to buy an operating business in America. Our professionals provide consulting support to partners on all organizational and financial issues, help to make a detailed analysis of a business structure, and also perform legal support during the bargain.

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